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Types of Scholarship available in Australia

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Types of Scholarship available in Australia

May 27, 2024


Your desire of studying abroad can be fulfilled. In 2024, there are various international scholarships that back highly motivated students opting for studying in Australia. These scholarships range from private, and public to even Government funded that cover the majority of your expenses while in Australia. In this blog, we will present you with the best scholarships available for students in India for a smooth and cost-free study in Australia.

7 best types of scholarship available in Australia

Indian students have always been keen on studying abroad. The number of Indians studying abroad university has risen by over 68% in the year 2022. Below mentioned are the types of scholarships in Australia:

1. Australia Awards Scholarship

Participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions accept full-time undergraduate and graduate students from developing nations, especially those in the Indo-Pacific area. This scholarship offers a full tuition fee award for the duration of the program to international students studying in Australia.

  • Students must qualify for a valid English language test.
  • Students must be from one of the participating nations including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  • Encompasses a Research Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Now that you are aware of the range of fully funded scholarships available in Australia to overseas students, let us inform you that these are either supported by the Australian Government or the universities directly. Do you also find yourself searching “study abroad consultants near me”?

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2. Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • It is supported by the Australian Government and pays for a student's health insurance and education for a maximum of three years.
  • It supports research master's and doctoral degrees for students (both domestic and foreign)
  • The Annual stipend is $34,000.

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3. Destination Australia scholarship

Students can avail of this eye-catching scholarship by applying through the portal. The Destination Australia Scholarship is the cream layer of all scholarships available for higher education in Australia. However, only qualified post-secondary education providers who give scholarships to students are eligible for these awards. Each student may receive up to AU$ 15,000 from them annually.

Its eligibility criteria :-

  • Have a valid student visa for the whole term of the award.
  • Enroll as a new student.
  • Not an Australian citizen.
  • Get enrolled in an eligible program.

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4. The University of Sydney International Scholarships (USydIS)

One of the top scholarships for overseas students in Australia is the USydIS scholarship, which has a maximum three-year duration and offers an extra semester for PhD applicants. Provides an annual allowance of AU$ 41,109.

Eligibility criteria :-

  • Be an overseas student enrolled full-time in the University of Sydney's Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program.
  • Before beginning the RTP Fee Scholarship, you must not have been awarded any other scholarships in the previous two years.
  • If you are applying for an Australian PhD scholarship, you must have received an RTP Fee Scholarship before, unless it was for a Master's in Research.
  • Not possess a research credential that matches the desired degree.
  • Have up to three times in the previous five years not been given consideration for this scholarship.

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Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

The highly competitive Adelaide Global Academic Excellence Overseas Scholarship is available to overseas students who have demonstrated academic excellence in previous courses and are beginning undergraduate or graduate studies.

Eligibility criteria :-

  • Be an overseas student enrolled in the University of Adelaide with direct admission.
  • Enroll in a University of Adelaide undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Hold citizenship in any nation save Australia and New Zealand.

To avail of such scholarships, the role of education consultants becomes important. Here are a few points that prove the necessity of education consultants

  • Help with the application process, and choosing which university would suit the best for you
  • Valuable tips on the ambiance of the university and what challenges students might face there.
  • Insight on information regarding cultural integration and immersion thereby, enhancing your journey.

Students can simply search for education consultants near me or educational consultancy near me to get the best advice and info regarding their international venture. Many foreign education consultants hyderabad are actively working for the welfare of aspirants of abroad universities.

6. Monash University Scholarships

An annual tuition fee waiver of AU$ 10,000 is provided by the Monash University scholarships for international students for the duration of the degree program. It is given to deserving graduate and undergraduate students with stellar academic records.

Eligibility criteria :-

  • Enroll in a Monash University Bachelor's or Master's degree program.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the GRC.
  • Maintain a respectable academic standing and possess previous research expertise and research output.
  • Never have more than six months of funding for a Postgraduate Research Award from Monash University or the Australian Government in the past.
7. Bond University Scholarships

For international students who have decided to undertake undergraduate courses at Bond University in 2024, the university is offering fully financed scholarships in Australia. For the course of the program, a few overseas students who receive the scholarship also have 50% of their tuition waived.

  • Already have an offer from Bond University to start your undergraduate degree.
  • Does not presently reside in Australia.
  • Complete the Application Form and send it in by the deadline for the semester you have selected.
  • Not having started attending Bond University.

Getting an opportunity to study in Australia is an incredible feat that students dream of. To turn it into reality, there are various scholarships that provide students with all the financial aid required. In this blog, the 7 scholarships mentioned have been actively assisting students across the globe and India specifically to reach their abroad university.

However, the various other processes involved require professional attention. Abroad consultancy in Hyderabad are actively helping students with their application processes. These agencies can help with language exam preparation, VISA processes, immigration processes, scholarship applications, and so on. Students can find many consultancy in hyderabad for abroad. One such agency with a robust reputation and experience in this field is Life License Abroad Education Consultants, responsible for many happy Indian students studying abroad.

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