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An International Student’s guide to free activities in New Zealand

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An International Student’s guide to free activities in New Zealand

May 20, 2024


Being a foreign student in New Zealand, it is a must to have a glimpse of the beauty and culture of this amazing country. However, journeying can sometimes involve a huge cost, especially if the traveler resorts to the typical means of tourism. From breathtaking views to cultural attractions, this guide will show you how to enjoy New Zealand while studying abroad without spending a single cent. In New Zealand, as an overseas student, there are lots of things to do. Therefore, Foreign students need to be enthusiastic and take steps to communicate with other students and enjoy their academic life. So, in this blog let us look at 5 such activities for international students in New Zealand.

Free activities in New Zealand for international student

In terms of the activities, there are a lot of things that you can do on your campus or outside of it. Here is the list of ideas that you can use as your student life guide and get the highest benefit from overseas education consultants in Hyderabad while studying abroad.

1. Take part in athletic activities :-

  • Sport has become a part of life in New Zealand for many students from universities abroad and a big number of them are involved with sporting activities after school. If you are also a sports enthusiast, then athletics is a good sport for you to play.
  • In addition to keeping up with school assignments, you may wish to be added to a club to do sports or to be on a university team and participate in sports events within the community. Additionally, you can implement the option of a gym at college for your training program. University gyms are open to students for free.
  • Another activity of the highest priority for you is to visit and train in the gym because many New Zealanders have fine athletic physiques and the hustle for obese people is rare. Various study abroad consultants in Hyderabad can lead you through the whole journey and train you about the various activities that you can be a part of.

2. Participate in activities that you are passionate about :-

  • You can be a part of the organizations or clubs that you are interested in. More than likely, each university in New Zealand provides a wide range of clubs and organizations for students to have a chance to get engaged in one.
  • Niche clubs will be another case, such as for the supporters of particular genres of films, the enthusiasts of board games, and the ones who are into gaming.
  • In addition to that, you will also discover groups linked to the program that you are studying, as well as groups that teach you a new skill or a new hobby. In this regard, approach a consultancy in Hyderabad for abroad studies and they will guide you with different processes like membership, formalities, etc.
  • Activities for residence lifeIf you are staying in college accommodations, then you need to partake in what is going on at your college at the moment. Start by talking to your residence life coordinators and join trips, play sports, or even go out partying, make homemade meals, etc.
  • Maintain good relations with the other people in your dorm, as you will be there for two to four years. You can utilize it to enter the circles of friendly locals as well as Indian students just like you.

3. Explore the local culture :-

  • From several arts and culture events available to students, they have a lot of ways that they can enjoy their hobbies. Music clubs, social events, dance groups, cultural events, and a lot of other activities take place on the campus almost all the time.
  • As an international student, we think that it is helpful for you to learn more about the society or culture where you are dwelling. That way you will manage to expand your cultural horizons and stay productive. You can simply type “education consultants near me” and they will guide you on the ways to explore the place.

4. Go out and discover the new places :-

  • New Zealand is such a spectacular country, and there are a dozen travel destinations to explore. If you happen to have a weekend or holiday free, try to put aside time for the tour of every essential location. In case you are a mountain lover, you should visit the North Island.
  • Go to the south island if you want to go to a beach. Students can be very privileged as most activities provide different types of discounts. Moreover, you may also go on trips with your university as all the universities make trips throughout the year.

5. Explore the Wellington Botanical Garden :-

  • Hike the scenic trails at the Wellington Botanic Garden which offers panoramic views, lush sceneries, and free guided tours. This place should be surely in your bucket list if you are considering staying in New Zealand to pursue your higher education. The “Indian overseas consultancy Hyderabad” can guide you on the places that you can visit during your time abroad.

With numerous free activities to enjoy, whether you will admire nature on a hike or visit museums, international students will have a lot of fun going through the wonders of such an amazing country and will just spend their time here without being worried about anything related to money. The team of experts at Life License Abroad Education Consultants knows that the most effective way to make the best use of your time abroad is to do it in a way that is within your budget. This overseas consultancy Hyderabad is here precisely to assist you anytime, any day in any circumstance. Being your guide and supporting you all the way, they will ensure that you will not miss any beautiful thing New Zealand has to offer. Join hands with this overseas consultancy in Hyderabad right away and start your unique acquainting journey in New Zealand.

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