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Best tips to improve your score in the IELTS examination

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Best tips to improve your score in the IELTS examination

May 13, 2024


IELTS is a standard examination which stands for International English Language Testing System and this exam is curated solely to assess proficiency in the English language with regard to four key factors which are- reading, writing, speaking and listening.

This test developed by the British Council in partnership with IDP Education and Cambridge Assessment English is trusted by more than 12,000 institutions worldwide and is a standard test to assess the participants' language abilities in personal, academic, and professional areas of life. This exam is also helpful for students who want to experience studying abroad.

It is of utmost importance for the candidates to know about this exam and how they can score well in it. The scoring procedures of this exam are quite complicated and many students can find it overwhelming. However, a proper understanding can help the students to prepare for this exam.

Understanding the IELTS Exam

The International English Language Test System (IELTS) Exam is conducted to assess the candidate's abilities to be better in the English language effectively. This test is a great help for students as it facilitates international mobility and communication across various contexts.

Various universities all over the world acknowledge the results of IELTS exams as proof of one’s proficiency in the language because this examination is widely accepted and viewed strongly. Subjects like accounting, engineering, law, and medicine also require that the IELTS score be high which is proof that the score of this examination is recognized in more areas and fields.

This allows English-speaking nations to allow professional accreditation to the candidates through this exam. This exam is available in two main formats- the first one being academic, and the second is general training. The prior one evaluates how strong your core in the language is and the latter measures your practical usage of the language.

There are not many criteria for this exam, but the candidate must be 16 years or older to sit for the exam. This test can appear in either Pen and Paper mode of delivery, or IELTS on a computer. Various top countries, namely, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland accept the IELTS exam and scores.

IELTS Examination format guide

The IELTS exam assesses a candidate’s English Language proficiency in four skill sets and these skill sets consist of the format for this exam. These skill sets are- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

  • The Listening Module section is where your ability to comprehend, interpret, understand and identify concepts are looked at. Candidates are made to hear recordings which are only played once. Then, they are required to answer questions.
  • The Reading Module section is to evaluate your ability to grasp the details and meaning of main concepts and your viewpoints and implications on various topics.
  • The Writing Module as the name suggests evaluates the candidates in their proficiency in organizing ideas, writing responses, grammar, vocabulary, precision and accuracy of the usage of these.
  • The Speaking Module evaluates the candidate's ability to be able to communicate and express their concerns, opinions, and ideas. Fluency of the language as well as lexical, grammatical, and pronunciation ranges are also tested in this module.
Tips for Improving IELTS scores
  • With the unique format that IELTS has, it is important to know and understand everything about the test. There are various details about the test that need to be thoroughly reviewed. The exam duration, format, the kind of texts, skills to be tested, types of questions to be asked and many other such thoughtful points should be cleared during the preparation for the exam.
  • The second tip is practising will make you improve every day. You must regularly practice all four skill sets that the test conducts, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking as it will improve your fluency, vocabulary, and reading speed which in turn will help you score better in the exam. Read a lot of blogs, articles, novels, newspapers, and journals as it is one of the most efficient ways of improving the language.
  • Learning techniques for this test is yet another effective way to score better in the test. Skimming and Scanning are two such learning techniques that can be used for such extensive examinations. These techniques can also be found online through consultants. You can simply type ‘education consultants near me’ to find it.
  • The English language has several rules and regulations. You must be very clear with the instructions that are laid out in the test as well as while filling in the answers. If you miss out on the instructions, there are high chances you might reduce some points.
  • While preparing for the examination, practice tests will help you with time management. For exams like IELTS, time management is extremely important. Practice tests at home with a proper timer in order to be able to complete the test accurately and on time.
  • All four skill sets require different types of practice. Do not miss out on any of them. It is necessary to give importance to each skill set for appearing in the exam. For instance, practice reading and writing, hear recordings for listening skills, and practice speech.
  • In the exam, try to appear on all the questions and keep the difficult questions for later. Solve all the questions which you can easily answer and manage your time per the question paper.

The IELTS examination scores increase a candidate's chances to go to any abroad university of their choice and elevate the process of getting admission into standard universities across the globe. This exam is one good step towards achieving overseas education. This exam can be given in India and various services of abroad consultancy in Hyderabad can be useful. Pave your way to studying abroad with the help of overseas education consultants in Hyderabad.

When looking for reliable overseas consultancies in Hyderabad, Life License Abroad Education Consultants are an excellent choice to serve aspiring Hyderabad students who are seeking to pursue advanced education and a rewarding career abroad. The higher the IELTS band the better can be your choice of university while studying abroad. Foreign education consultants would also recommend IELTS examinations and how they help a candidate enhance his or her position to get selected for universities abroad.

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